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Consumer law

What do we do?

The Student Law Office in Maastricht has provided students in Maastricht with free legal advice since the nineties. This is made possible by the combined efforts of 15-20 enthusiastic law students, who voluntarily commit themselves to the law office next to their studies. The Student Law Office is a part of the

Landelijke Stichting Rechtshulp

We provide advice over the telephone, however you are welcome to drop by our office during one of our walk-in office hours. You can also send us your question by email. We will provide you with advice right away if possible. Otherwise, we will refer you to a specialized organization or a lawyer.

The Student Law Office primarily focusses on answering questions regarding tenant law, educational law, labor law and consumer law. As our employees are broadly-oriented within the field of law, your other legal issues are welcome as well. We cannot assist you in matters which involve criminal law or matters which involve a large financial risk. Our clients can count on confidentiality with regards to their case and what is discussed.


Rafke Rutten

Jonas Lindenaar

Floris Sikking


Who are we?

Our team consists out of 15 students, all second- or third-year bachelor students or master students.



You will receive a response from one of ours as soon as possible Staff members.

Please attach all relevant documents so that we can provide you with advice and recommendations.


+31 43 388 53 46

During our office hours (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 o’clock until 13 o’clock).

Office Hours

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays our office is opened from 10 o’clock until 13 o’clock.

Please take all relevant documents along so that we can provide you with advice and recommendations.

You will find us on

Tongersestraat 43, 6211 LM in Maastricht.
Our office is in room 0.012.



Van Iersel & Luchtman Advocaten

Last year we established contact with a former president of the Student Law Office Maastricht. Together with the law firm she works for we organized a seminar about labor law and tenancy law for our employees. If our knowledge is insufficient, we have the possibility to find together with lawyers from this law firm the best solution for your case.


Trajekt Jongerenbuurtbemiddeling Maastricht

The Student Law Office has a cooperation with Jongerenbuurtbemiddeling, part of the project called ‘Student & Stad’. Their aim is to solve problems between students and other inhabitants of Maastricht, mostly about noise nuisance, wrong-parked bikes or wrong provided waste. We try to solve these problems by using mediation, a dynamic and interactive way where a neutral third party (from the SRB-team) assists disputing parties in resolving conflict with specialized communication and negotiation techniques. All our volunteers have had a two-day course in mediation, provided by ‘Student & Stad’. In the end, we passed an exam and received a certificate from a City Council Member, who stated that mediation was a very helpful and good way to solve problems between students and inhabitants. The idea is that with mediation solves more problems on longer term than interventions with the police.

Do you feel like you want to read more about this cooperation? Read these two news articles:

“De klager wil dat het stopt, de student wil van het gezeur af”Rechtenstudenten als buurtbemiddelaars

Housing Helpdesk Maastricht

Last but not least our organization is busy with a cooperation with the Housing Helpdesk, this office can also be found in the SSC. The Housing Helpdesk aims to solve tenant law issues, just like us, but are going a step further than we do, because they also litigate in name of the students at the Huurcommissie. Since January 2018 we’re busy to cooperate with them so we’re able to not only give advice, but also litigate in name of students who come by our office. The Housing Helpdesk provides us lectures about tenant law to make sure every student is being helped in the same way with the same advice.

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