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Paulussen Lawyers

Paulussen Lawyers has been in existence since 1895 and is one of the largest firms in the south. With over 25 lawyers, mediators, and trustees, we advise our clients from our offices in Maastricht and Heerlen. We provide advice and litigate in a wide range of legal areas, such as employment law, administrative law, family law, corporate law, bankruptcy law, tenancy law, construction law, and climate law. We do this for various clients such as municipalities and other (semi)governmental bodies, the M of SMEs, and for international publicly traded companies. You may also know us from internationally notable cases such as the climate lawsuits against the Dutch State and against Shell, or as a trustee in the bankruptcy of Macintosh (one of the largest bankruptcies in Dutch history).


Are you studying law and eager to gain practical experience? Then an internship at our office is definitely interesting for you. On our website or LinkedIn, you can read experiences from other students. If you're interested, send an email to with:

  • - a motivation letter
  • - CV and grade list
  • - the period you are available
  • - which study year you are in (bachelor/master)

Career and Work Environment

We invest in knowledge development, work on relevant projects, and offer a pleasant yet ambitious work environment. Therefore, Paulussen Lawyers is an attractive workplace for lawyers, legal professionals, and other staff. We form a close-knit team of people with diverse backgrounds and expertise. What binds us in our diversity is that we create opportunities with each other and with our clients, where others continue to think in problems.

Investing in Knowledge and Skills

Knowledge management and training skills are essential to continue providing services at the highest level. Paulussen Lawyers continuously invests to keep the knowledge of its lawyers up-to-date and to further develop their skills such as negotiation and mediation techniques. This happens by intensively guiding employees in their development and through a wide range of training tools, ranging from internal bi-weekly thematic meetings, courses, external masterclasses to specialized postgraduate programs.

Legal Library

Keeping our lawyers' knowledge up-to-date is a continuous focus. For this, we have a state-of-the-art legal library, managed by a full-time legal documentalist and assistant.

Social Responsibility

We believe social involvement and corporate social responsibility are important. As a company with two locations in Limburg, we feel we have a social duty to help build a healthy and sustainable future for Limburg. Therefore, we use our knowledge, skills, networks, and resources to contribute to this goal, both upon request and proactively and initiatively. Paulussen Lawyers is also one of the founders of De Groene Zaak, an association of more than 200 Dutch companies that place a high value on sustainable business and collectively strive for a rapid sustainability of the economy.

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